A good interior is mostly an impression. If a person visits any sort of house and his attention is getting caught by any sort of excessive details, we cannot say then that the space can be considered integral. In this particular apartment, only after you have enjoyed enough the general atmosphere you are willing to set your eyes on little parts.

In this case, the objective we needed to accomplish was to develop stylish minimalistic design of a living apartment for a small family. The project was complicated by the very shape of the interior: short-sized area was limiting a set of possible design solutions. During the process of design development the team was to meet another challenge – the customer was expecting a child in his family and a children’s room was needed, too.

Having passed an uneasy process of screening different concepts, the team had pitched upon a selection of soft tones of white and blue; simpliest shapes were brought into life to expand the surrounding space visually. This design takes into consideration some of the ideas of progressive zoning: abnegation of wardrobes and drawers in favor of shelves built directly into wall, thus saving space and additionally masking the overabundant sterility of the enviroment.

All rooms are following uniform style, what allows to maintain integrity of the interior and flexibility of the living area. Implemented design also includes bright tones and soft intersections, and light reflections are additionally outlined thanks to built-in light pendants.

Harmonisation of minimalism and correctly selected art-objects in the dining room serves a goal to dilute a feeling of monotony, maintaining general mood of the area. Even though the task given was to create an integral interior, its hard to skip the armchair. It was intentional. It can be considered a focus point or, lets say, a centre of gravitation for the household; this is the highlight that successfully waters down aesthetics of serenity and brings space into life.

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