Darkseed is contest work. In this contest artists had to show collision between human race and aliens. Exclusion zone was chosen as location of this picture, because it fits this problem and allow to show some story behind it. The theme was inspired by Roadside Picnic by Strugatsky brothers. Aliens are represented by fictional plant that consists of magma. Everything around it turn into burned out wasteland. This plant was considered deadly danger for surroundings and mankind tried to isolate it with wall. The wall consists of containers with water, the vapor is taken away by towers. The wall goes several meters below the ground to prevent propagation of roots. The composition structure is built to intrigue the viewer.

The image represents the view on the exclusion zone between infiltrated and clear area with some sort of scientist in the front view. The surface near the wall is modified in specific way to create buffer with no trees and soil. The plant is located behind the wall, and all area around it until horizon is filled with its burning roots. The central character supposed to visit infiltrated zone for some scientific purposes and have a bucket with the sample of the plant. This image is made in dark gamma to create some desolated atmosphere.

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